A Year of Moviepass

A year of Moviepass including all the movies that I saw with Moviepass and which were the best and which were the worst.

october 2018
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October 2018: The Start of Fall

October 2018 feels like it has come and gone by in a flash. For how hectic September was, it almost feels like October went by twice as fast. While the start of October still had lingering feelings of summer, I can now say that we are fully into the autumn season. The days are much, much colder and the feeling…

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Craziest Instant Pot Recipes

17 Craziest Instant Pot Recipes To Try Today

I’m loving trying out new recipes in the Instant Pot. There is a reason why everyone raves about how great it is. It makes perfect soft-boiled eggs, amazing chicken and plenty of delicious pasta. But, I really want to try out some of the craziest Instant Pot recipes. Everyone knows that the Instant Pot can cook a hunk of meat…

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