• Classic Kitchen Techniques that you should know
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    Classic Kitchen Techniques You Should Know

    Once you start cooking a lot, you will start to want to learn how to be more efficient, and effective in the kitchen. There’s a reason why there is so much emphasis placed on a good foundation of skills in…

  • Craziest Instant Pot Recipes

    17 Craziest Instant Pot Recipes To Try Today

    I’m loving trying out new recipes in the Instant Pot. There is a reason why everyone raves about how great it is. It makes perfect soft-boiled eggs, amazing chicken and plenty of delicious pasta. But, I really want to try…

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    Summer Chili Recipe for a Gray Summer Day

    Although it’s the end of July, the forecast is showing rain and thunderstorms for the rest of the week. The skies are gray and it doesn’t really feel like summer which is why I thought today would be the perfect…

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    Cheese Board: How to Easily Make One

    Cheese Boards I love kitchen items and my new favorite kitchen item is a cheese board. Especially¬†big glassware and rustic wooden boards in the kitchen.¬† That was why I was so excited when I finally got my own cheese board!…