New York City Fall Bucket List

New York City Fall Bucket List

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With summer coming to a close and autumn officially starting, I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce the New York City Fall Bucket List.

While I didn’t get to everything on my summer bucket list, I feel like I have a lot more fervor in trying to accomplish everything on this list.

Fall brings new fashion, new planners and an all around sense of renewal.

Autumn is such a beautiful season in New York City and almost feels like more of a feeling. I’m hoping it will bring sunshine and crisp air, plenty of apples and pumpkin inspired dishes and a healthy dose of being basic. 🙂

The New York City Fall Bucket List:

Seeing the Changing Leaves in Central Park

This is one of the coolest things to experience in New York during fall is you have never been to a place that has seasons. I know that when I first moved to New York City, I was enamored by the leaves changing.

New York City Fall Bucket List Central Park

It is so beautiful and is helped by weather that is mild and a feeling of renewal. Central Park has so many beautiful spots to just sit and enjoy a coffee or to enjoy while walking. And it’s still warm enough to rent row boats at The Lake in Central Park.

New York City Fall Bucket List

The best time to go to Central Park to avoid crowds is on a weekday is the morning. It starts to get more crowded around 11am.

New York City Fall Bucket List

Many people say October is the best time to visit New York City. It’s not too cold like it is in winter, it’s not too humid like it is in summer and you get the best of both seasons.

Drinking Apple Cider at the Union Square Farmer’s Market

Many vendors sell hot apple cider at the farmer’s market in Union Square. This is one of the biggest farmer’s markets in New York and is full of produce and baked goods.

You can get a piping hot cup of apple cider to keep you warm while you are browsing.

If you don’t like apple cider, you can always get a nice cup of coffee to keep you warm with the plethora of cafes around Union Square.

Apple Picking at a New York Farm

Apple picking, pumpkin patches, hay rides and corn mazes are all quintessential fall activities.

There are a plethora of places to go apple picking throughout  the state of New York and in New Jersey too. Many of them are easily accessible by public transportation.

If you want to stay closer to New York City, you can visit Swale, New York’s floating food forest.

The first time I heard about Swale it was described as a floating apple picking farm on the East River. It is so much more than that though.

It changes it’s location often and may be closed due to weather so if you are planning on visiting, you should double check the times before going.

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Prepare for Halloween

This might seem like an obvious thing to do but I think it deserves a special place on this list to make sure that you make the most of this fall.

Halloween is so much better when you are well-prepared for it and have planned in advance.

I think this is especially important in New York City because things sell out fast and lines at places like Party City are crazy long, even with the extended hours that most stores have up until Halloween Day.

It’s good to brainstorm what you want to do or dress up as for Halloween well before the day approaches. That way you can just relax the few days before Halloween so you can be prepared for the…

Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade

The Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade is a huge event. Dogs are dressed in their best costume and compete for different awards.

There are hundreds of dogs that participate and even more humans there to partake in the day.

*Currently, the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade is cancelled due to monetary restrictions but so many people attend and love this event that I’m holding out hope that it will be uncanceled before the day comes.*

If the dog parade does return, it is a great thing to do with your friends after brunch.

Take a Foliage Train Ride Through the Adirondack Mountains

Often noted as the most scenic ride in America, the trip from New York City to Montreal, the train circles the beautiful Adirondack Mountains.

It is the perfect way to see the changing leaves of fall and relax as a passenger to fully take in the scenic views.

What better way to experience fall than to ride through it?

Host or Attend a Friendsgiving

The perfect farewell to fall and opening to winter is to have a Friendsgiving dinner with all of your friends.

It’s a great way to have all your friends together, show off your cooking skills and get ready for the holiday season.

Don’t forget the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and apple pie. Friendsgiving is a great way to experience foods and traditions from other cultures as well.

Last Thoughts on the New York City Fall Bucket List

While the season of rose, margaritas, beach days and boat rides may be coming to a close, autumn brings a sense of a new beginning.

I’m hoping fall brings beautiful days, fun adventures, new books, new places and things to try and a solid entrance into this winter.

It’s the start of fall tv, new fashion, back to school an the time to start preparing and getting excited for the holidays.

Did I leave anything off of this New York City Fall Bucket List?

What are you most excited to do during this fall? Is there anything else you would add to this list?

What’s the most quintessential autumn activity to you?

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