friendsgiving invitations

How to Make DIY Friendsgiving Invitations

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Learn how to make cute Friendsgiving Invitations for all of your friends, just in time for the holidays!

Friendsgiving Invitations

It’s that time of year again. November is here, the clocks have turned back and we are officially in holiday season.

Friendsgiving. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Hanukkah. New Year’s Eve. It’s all here.

And speaking of Friendsgiving, what would be cuter than some cute Friendsgiving Invitations? They have to be cute to match your amazing Friendsgiving tablescape!

These cute Friendsgiving invitations are perfect to send out to friends to get them just as excited as you are for Friendsgiving!

With some recycled paper card stock, some stickers, twine and craft supplies from your local craft store you can put together your own DIY Friendsgiving invitations in no time.

I found a package of a child’s craft project at Michael’s that were peel and stick foam turkey’s on a small plate as the turkey piece of these invitations. There are many options for the turkey element. If you can’t find this exact one, you can always look for a different turkey craft. And if you are feeling really adventurous and crafty, you can cut out all your turkey pieces from felt or construction paper and then glue on.

It is always good to have a couple practice rounds to see if you like how things are turning out. Also, since I had more card stock than turkeys, I wrote my message in the cards first before sticking the turkeys on, just in case I messed something up.

Look how cute these little turkeys are!

Friendsgiving Invitation

What you will need for these DIY Friendsgiving Invitations:

DIY Friendsgiving Invitations

  • Brown card stock
  • Peel & stick foam turkey (or another way to make turkeys)
  • Twine
  • Hole punch
  • Stickers

How to make DIY Friendsgiving Invitations:

  1. Fold your card stock along the line making sure to keep all edges straight and even.
  2. Write your desired message inside the card. Do this first so that if you mess up you don’t waste a turkey. friendsgiving invitations
  3. Start assembling the turkey by peeling and sticking each piece starting from the piece closest to the card and working your way towards the parts of the turkey that are on top. friendsgiving invitationsfriendsgiving invitationsfriendsgiving invitations
  4. Once the turkey is assembled, open the card and punch two holes along bottom. One hole on each bottom corner. Take care to try to make the holes parallel to each other and leave some space around the edges so that the card stock doesn’t weaken when the twine to tied. friendsgiving invitations
  5. Measure out a piece of twine that is twice as long as the width of the card and cut.
  6. Loop the twine through the holes. Start from the inside of the card and loop the twine through the first hole, pull it along the backside of the card and pull through back inside the card.friendsgiving invitationsfriendsgiving invitations
  7. Once the twine is through the two holes, pull the twine until there is an even amount of twine on both sides.
  8. Tie the twine in to a bow. Take care to make the bow tight while not pulling too hard that you damage or bow the card.friendsgiving invitations
  9. Cut the ends of the twine bow tie, if you wish.
  10. Enjoy your card! Stuff it in the envelope or decorate with stickers. Then send them to your friends to invite them for Friendsgiving!friendsgiving invitationsfriendsgiving invitations

Have you planned your Friendsgiving yet? Have you tried to make these?

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