Cheese Board: How to Easily Make One

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Cheese Boards

Natural Wood Cheese Board
First attempt at making a cheese board

I love kitchen items and my new favorite kitchen item is a cheese board. Especially big glassware and rustic wooden boards in the kitchen.  That was why I was so excited when I finally got my own cheese board!

I couldn’t wait to start using it and have it out all the time, especially when having guests over. It is the perfect piece to serve food on for when you have company. It was also a big step up from¬† the plastic cutting board, which is what I had been using until I finally got my hands on a solid wood cheese board.

I was so excited to use it! But, when the time would come to finally use it, I didn’t know how to make a cheese board. There was so much uncertainty about how to serve cheese and make the board visually appealing. Cheese, especially fancy cheeses wasn’t something that I had been introduced to or really ate before moving to New York City.

The internet is full of so many beautiful pictures of cheese boards and I wanted to make sure mine was just as appealing. The beauty was a big reason why I wanted a cheese board in the first place. That’s why I’m specifically writing about how to make and display food on a cheese board.

Why Cheese Boards are Great

Cheese boards are great because there are so many variations of how you can make them. It can be a combination of cheese, meats, fruits, nuts, crackers, jams, and is great to serve with a nice glass of port. Depending on what you typically keep on hand in your pantry and fridge, that can make them even easier to put together quickly. I typically choose to make cheese boards with just meat and cheese, because those are the things that I like.

They are also great for when hosting because they are quick to put together and require no cooking. Perfect for when you are hosting something like friendsgiving.

This has easily become one of my favorite things to serve when hosting. It is quick and easy to throw together and does not require much prep except for shopping for the items. The other great thing about serving a cheese board when hosting, is that everything on the board can be eaten without silverware. It makes it easier to serve and easier to clean up later.

Cheese Board Shapes

The cheese board I have is quite small, but that’s a nice feature because when it is out it can look quite full. Extra large cheeseboards are also nice because there can be a bigger variety of food, more space between the different foods and space for extras too, like utensils to cut the cheese with. I think the shape of the cheese board can also really change the display of it too.

The shape of my cheese board is a bean. It has two rounded sides with one much bigger than the other. This is a great feature when it comes to displaying food on the board. I like to start out by displaying the meat because my cheese boards tend to have a lot of meat on them and it is easier to fit the cheese pieces. If the meat is sliced very thin and in long pieces, then I will carefully roll up the piece and start displaying them in a fan pattern, slightly overlapping each other. For thick, round pieces I will fan them out in one long line. I try to keep all the meat mostly together on one side of my board because that’s where it can all fit. It also helps to keep the meat separate from the cheese so that vegetarians can also enjoy the board.

Ideas of Food to Put on a Cheese Board

  • cheese (obviously)
  • sliced meat
  • dried meat
  • cheese
  • nuts
  • crackers
  • fruit
  • honey
  • jams
  • olives
  • pickles

Displaying a Cheese Board

Displaying cheese really depends on the type of cheese that will be going onto the board. Often, a wedge of cheese is put out with a cheese cutter in it.This way, each person can take a piece of cheese as big or a small as they like and then serve it on a cracker or even a piece of a sliced baguette.

Cheese Board served with Port
Cheese Board with charcuterie

This gets more difficult though, when the cheese you are serving is very hard. It can cause problems for the person trying to cut off a piece. In these cases, where the utensils put out with the cheese aren’t strong enough to easily slice through, it is worth it to cut the cheese into pieces and serve those pieces on the board.

If you don’t have the cheese cutters that fit nicely onto the board, then I think cutting all the cheeses into slices is fine for the board. That’s the great thing about a cheese board, there is really no right or wrong ways to make one.


How do you like setting up your cheeseboard? And what’s your favorite port to serve with a cheese board?

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