Friendsgiving Tablescape: How to Create the Perfect Table

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It’s time to prepare your friendsgiving tablescape. The holidays are here and it’s one week until Thanksgiving. That means here in New York City, lights are starting to go up, Christmas trees are decorating lobbies and stores, and outdoor ice skating rinks are opening.

This also means it is the perfect time to host friendsgiving, and that’s just what I did last weekend and my absolute favorite part of preparing for it, was making the friendsgiving tablescape and centerpiece.

Lucky for me, I had a friend who had experience cooking a turkey (and wanted to do it) and others who were willing to bring so many amazing, delicious dishes for us to enjoy. I can’t imagine having to prepare a whole, multi-course holiday meal for ten alone. Although, a cheese board is a great go to if you’re the host! But that’s the great part about friendsgiving, friends get together and all contribute to have this great holiday!

Onto making the centerpiece and setting the table…

1. Think about the practicality of the friendsgiving tablescape and centerpiece in regards to serving dinner around it

I’ve seen beautiful tablescapes before and knew that I wanted to recreate something similar for our friendsgiving. I knew I wanted it to be festive and beautiful and practical to eat around.

I also knew I wanted there to be candles. I love candles and I couldn’t imagine having this centerpiece without them. This is where the practicality bit came into play. I guess I imagined that I would have a garland of leaves to weave through my centerpiece to make it feel like Thanksgiving. Which is why I exchanged my short tea light candles in for red, long-burning, tall candles in candle holders.

They were much more expensive than tea lights, but much fancier and much more practical. This way, I could weave leaves or garland around them without worrying about the other decorations catching on fire or about someone catching on fire while passing the mashed potatoes.

2. Create a base for the centerpiece

I wanted a base for the centerpiece, so I got an orange runner, albeit a little short for my dining table. This was a great way to center the table and create a space for the centerpiece. The candle holders looked great on it and were decorated by fresh, fragrant pinecones and decorative twig pumpkins. I had a hard time finding any autumn leaves, most of what was available in stores was themed for Christmas.

3. Have one statement item that the eyes are drawn to

Centerpiece of Freindsgiving Tablescape including candles, flowers and table runner

The item that really pulls this centerpiece together is the giant bouquet of white flowers in the center. This made the table look complete and festive. I loved having this gigantic piece that filled the center of the table and felt so fancy.

Family & Friends

At the end of the day, the thing that really matters for a friendsgiving is celebrating having each other in your lives and giving thanks to those who matter the most around us.

These are general suggestions and a table can be decorated in so many different ways. I’ve seen so many tables I love and I can’t wait to make another centerpiece for Christmas and to try out new trends for next Thanksgiving! Let me know what your friendsgiving tablescape looks like!




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