super easy fall decor diy ideas

3 Super Easy Fall Decor DIY Ideas

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Today I want to show you 3 super easy fall decor DIY ideas.

super easy fall decor diy ideas

super easy fall decor diy ideas

In New York City, fall has finally arrived. The days are cool and crisp. The sun is shining and everything feels like fall is in the air.

Many people regard fall as their favorite season and it’s easy to see why. There is plenty to love about fall. It’s a season of renewal, fresh apples and pumpkins, weather that is mild and that bridges the gap between too hot summers and chilly winters.

There is plenty to do and see with the weather being tame enough to take advantage of a lot of things that may otherwise be closed. It’s also the lead in to the most festive time of year-the holiday season.

All these things are what make decorating for fall so great.

super easy fall decor diy ideas

Fall decor typically includes pumpkins, gourds, apples, pine cones, leaves and other natural elements. It’s easy to decorate for fall because many of the things that can be used for decor can be picked up at a local farmer’s market or grocery store. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, they can even be picked up at an apple orchard or pumpkin patch near you.

It feels like the trend this season for fall decor is neutral colors. An embrace of white or shades of varying gray and green hues.

While I love that look that many people have adopted this year, I have gone in the opposite direction and have embraced the natural colors of fall. The orange hues of pumpkins and changing leafs, natural colors of pinecones and gold to accent it all.

Everything I’ve created for fall decor this year was very easy to put together and everything that I used would be easy to find at a craft store. Nothing that I’ve made requires any sort of conventional craft tool like glue or paint. Each piece is a super easy fall decor DIY that you can put together in minutes. 

All of these fall decor DIY ideas are just arranging things just so. It also makes them very easy to customize to personal tastes and to change out for different seasons and holidays.

Fall Decor DIY: Coffee Table Candle Tray

super easy fall decor diy ideas

For this piece, I started off with a gold tray. On it’s own, it looked way too bright and gaudy and just gold to seem like it would fit well with anything else or even look nice at all on a coffee table.

With a vision in mind for how I wanted it to look, it came together quite nicely.

The gold tray is just the foundation and really just an accent to the true star of this piece.

On top of the gold tray, I added 3 white votive candles evenly placed among the center of the tray. Then, I filled in the area around the candles with a mixture of small, decorative pinecones and pumpkins.

It is these small pinecones and pumpkins that will be the key items in keeping the fall theme throughout everything.

I think that you could also add in decorative fall leaves around the candles on the tray and I think I might do that when it gets closer to Thanksgiving.

For now, I am trying to keep all my fall decor looking just like fall so that it can be used for both Halloween and Thanksgiving decoration.

Fall Decor DIY: Square Glass Pinecone and Pumpkin Vase

The next piece I created was a square glass pinecone and pumpkin vase. This could work for any vase or any container that you already have.

super easy fall decor diy ideas

The square glass pinecone and pumpkin vase uses the same mixture of the small, decorative pinecones and pumpkins as the coffee table candle tray does.

It also includes decorative white pumpkins in the mixture. These are just set in the vase, trying to layer the pumpkins evenly throughout the pinecones so that one section doesn’t have too many of either color.

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Fall Decor DIY: Fall Floral Bouquet

I love all the fall florals. The changing colors of the leaves, the bittersweet, and just florals in general.

super easy fall decor diy ideas

For this piece, I wanted to create a very fall-forward floral bouquet. I started with different types of fall floral pieces from the craft store. There were fall leaves, orange and yellow flowers, small pumpkins and bittersweet all on stems.

These would make the upper part of the floral bouquet.

Since these would be in a clear vase that I wanted to tie in with the rest of the decor in the room, I filled the vase with the same decorative pinecones and pumpkins that I used in the other pieces.

super easy fall decor diy ideas

It is filled up about three-quarters of the way since you will need some air to arrange the stems throughout them. You have to put in these pieces in the vase first. Otherwise, once your floral bouquet is arranged, you won’t be able to fit these in the vase around them.

Start by putting the fall leaves and pumpkin stem pieces in the center of the vase. Then, arrange the flower stem pieces on either side of the leaves.

Move the pieces around and play with them until you have something that has the rounded look of a floral bouquet.

Changing the Decor for the Holidays

Everything created here looked good for September and October. It will also look in theme for Thanksgiving.

After Thanksgiving passes though, it will be time to decorate for Christmas and you will probably want a different look than fall florals and harvest.

Once that’s the case, you can keep the pinecones in these pieces but swap out the decorative pumpkins for decorative red apples.

You can switch out the fall bouquet for a Christmas bouquet full of green garland and white flowers. That way these pieces will match your Christmas tree.

Have you tried any DIY fall decor? What’s your favorite super easy fall decor DIY piece that you’ve seen or created so far?

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