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Best Items Received from Robb Vices Subscription Box

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These are my personal favorite items received from Robb Vices in the past year. Subscription boxes are all the rage these days.

From makeup and skincare samples to coffee or even alcohol, there is a subscription box for everything. Including luxury. Or anything else that may qualify as your favorite vice.

That’s where Robb Vices comes in. It’s the most luxurious subscription box on the market. Meaning that it is full of luxury goods that cater to your every vice. A lot of the items that are sent in the box are things that you may never buy for yourself but would love to have. Like $15 artisinal salt, even though it’s amazing. But, how would you know that before you tried it. That’s kind of the point of the box. Everything in it  has a collective value worth more than the subscription box price.

Robb Vices are filled with so many different things. I want to go over the best items received from Robb Vices in the last year.

Last August was the first month of getting a Robb Vices box. Although, they have yet to ship out the July or August boxes of this year so if something amazing comes in those then I will update this post. 

You never know what you are going to get in a Robb Vices box. It could be food, it could be technology, it could be clothing or just something else altogether. The boxes are all focused on different vices we may have.

It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have no virtues.

-Abraham Lincoln

(according to a Robb Vices booklet)

These are the best finds so far, even if many of them have been surprising.

Best Food Items Received from Robb Vices

Fish Fixe: This is probably one of the most surprisingly useful and enjoyed items in the box. It was a coupon for this service. Fish Fixe is a company committed to delivering high-quality seafood to the USA. They freeze high-quality seafood at it’s peak freshness and then ship the seafood in dry ice directly to your front door. Especially living in Manhattan, this is a great service. Or if you are somewhere where getting fresh, high-quality or affordable seafood is difficult.

Hope is an anchor and love is a ship, time is the ocean, and life is a trip.

-George Strait

The fish is competitively priced and is delivered directly to your door. Each fish individually sealed and packaged in packets of two. The packets have directions for cooking, are resealable and smell-proof so that your trash doesn’t smell like a fish after taking the food out.

One of the items you can get shipped to you from them is crab cakes and they are absolutely delicious. I crave them all the time and they are probably my favorite item in the standard Fish Fixe kit.

Wondermade Bourbon Marshmallows: These are weird, whimsical and tasty. They come in a cute little box and are exactly as named. Bourbon infused marshmallows. If I was going to have any marshmallow, I would want it to be these ones. These marshmallows would make a wonderful, consumable gift for your friends or family.

Best Sauces and Seasoning Items Received from Robb Vices

Hank Sauce: Hank Sauce came in the same box as the Fish Fixe and is even incorporated in some of their recipes. It is a hot sauce and they also have a restaurant. They have five different hot sauce flavors and I can attest that all of them are delicious. After getting this hot sauce, it was put on almost everything and gone within days. This is also a great gift to give someone who is a hot sauce lover or an avid chef.

Farm Candy Salt: This artisinal salt is not something that I expected to get in a Robb Vices box but it ended up being much better than I expected. For one, the salt is insanely delicious, even on it’s own. For another, it is amazing on cocktail rims or even as an extra ingredient when making margaritas.

Best Drink and Cocktail Items Received from Robb Vices

Tea Forte: The loose leaf tea that Tea Forte makes tastes amazing! I was really unsure of this box because I am not really a tea drinker, but the flavor in their products is so good. I find myself craving it every night. My absolute favorite is their Blueberry Merlot flavor.

You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.

-C.S. Lewis

If you are not a regular tea drinker, then you might not have the proper tools to make a cup of loose leaf tea. Robb Vices included an infuser in the box so that anyone could enjoy this delicious loose leaf tea. The platinum plated one retails for $100 but they have another one without platinum that is much more affordable at $12/piece. The tea infusers are very visually appealing and easy enough to clean up.

Ticket Chocolate Hot Chocolate on a Stick: Imagine a block of chocolate on the end of a Popsicle stick. That is basically what this is. The sticks come in different hot chocolate flavors, you place the stick into some warm milk, stir it around and then you have wonderfully chocolaty and creamy hot chocolate. These are really good and I love eating the chocolate left on the stick after stirring it into the milk. I can’t wait to have these again in the fall and winter to make with brunch.

Melissa’s HibiscusDried Hibiscus flowers were never anything I thought I would see, or have in my kitchen, or even cook with. Yet, when they came in the May Robb Vices box, I did just that. I followed the directions that came in the Robb Vices booklet and created a hibiscus simple syrup. This was pretty easy to do and the Hibiscus-Ginger Margaritas that were concocted from this tasted absolutely amazing. If nothing else, I would want these dried Hibiscus flowers just so I could have another one of those delicious margaritas.

Best Alcohol Items Received from Robb Vices

Clase Azul 20th Anniversary Tequila: The Clase Azul 20th Anniversary edition tequila is no longer available but was exclusive for Robb Vices members. This is a pretty common tequila and easily recognizable on bar shelves due to it’s unique design.

Best Items Received from Robb Vices
Clase Azul Tequila

The result of this exclusive blend produces the very magic we’ve been known for by tequila connoisseurs everywhere…a superb, smooth taste that satisfies even the most discerning palate.

-Arturo Lomeli

On his Clase Azul Respado 20th Anniversary Limited Edition

Best Items Received from Robb Vices
The beautifully hand-painted and hand-crafted bottle of Clase Azul

Each bottle is hand-crafted and painted in Mexico. The design and painting of each bottle is beautiful and the tequila is equally delicious. Clase Azul is a solid tequila with enough depth and flavor for sipping but the 20th anniversary edition is even better. If you can find it anywhere, it is worth trying. And worth trying as a sipping tequila to really be able to taste all the depth and body it contains.

Groth 2013 Cabernet SauvignonWine is always delicious. But, this red was extra special and something I would love to have again in the future. This was an expensive bottle of wine, one of that I would never buy for myself at this price point. That’s what made it extra special that it came in a Robb Vices box and where the value of the box really comes into play.

Còdigo 1530 Rosa Tequila: A pink tinted tequila. What a lovely idea. Receiving a nice bottle of tequila in the box was a really nice surprise. Trying it straight up, I realized I might like it better in a margarita. While it does taste good in a margarita, I read that if it is served up, it is better chilled. Next time I try this tequila on it’s own, I’ll try to make sure it is just the right temperature.  Otherwise, it is delicious in the Hibiscus-Ginger Margarita recipe that came in the Robb Vices booklet for this month.


Best Kitchen Items Recieved from Robb Vices

Zwilling Steak Knife Set: After having recently moved, this was a nice addition to my kitchenware. I also happened to make a dinner a few days after received these that made them incredibly useful immediately. These are high-quality, heavy, refined, nice looking steak knives. The set came in a beautiful wooden box. If you need a nice set of beautiful steak knives, I would recommend this set.

Best Items Received from Robb Vices

Sempli Vaso-Vino Wine Decanter: One of my favorite products that has ever come in a Robb Vices box. You may think that you have no need for a wine decanter or that you will never use one. But this one will change your mind. I use this all the time, even if I just want to decant one glass of red wine. But I love that it can also comfortably fit a whole bottle of wine in it. It has beautiful lines and is fun since it doesn’t have a flat bottom. It is sturdy and a great centerpiece.

Best Items Received from Robb Vices

The decanter is light and made of lead free crystal. This also makes it very durable and has survived at least one fall so far without shattering. I also don’t know how I can talk about my love for this decanter without talking about how great it looks next to a beautifully set cheeseboard.

Georg Jensen INDULGENCE Champagne Sabre: How can I not include a champagne sabre on this list? I have still yet to use this sabre because where in New York City can you get away with this? I’ve heard some people trying them out in bathtubs, but I have yet to bring myself to do it yet. Maybe I’ll break it out on a festive holiday, New Year’s Eve or for a very special party.

I think this item is the epitome of what the Robb Vices subscription box is supposed to be. It is a quality crafted, luxury, expensive and completely insane item. The sabre perfectly defines a vice.

Best Miscellaneous Items Received from Robb Vices

Altec Lansing Classic Turntable: The specific record player that was sent in the Robb Vices box is not anywhere online. I guess because the one they sent to subscribers was a pre-release. The one linked is the closest one I could find and is way more retro looking than the one sent in the Robb Vices. Upon originally getting this record player, it was somewhat disappointing.

Anybody with a good record collection will always be in love.


One record came in the box, which was nice since I don’t currently own any records since I didn’t have a record player. It turns out that a lot of people still have record collections from the 70’s and 80’s and more than happy to share. It is fun to listen to Fleetwood Mac or some Tango Dance mixes. Also, right after getting this record player, I attended a Matt and Kim concert where they released their new album early to concert goers on vinyl only.

Best Items Received from Robb Vices Classic Turntable

It was exciting to buy the vinyl record before anyone else had access to it and be able to listen to it on my new record player.

Dirocco Carbon Fiber Sunglasses: These sunglasses were made exclusively for Robb Vices subscribers so the exact pair is not on Dirocco’s website. The pair linked is the closest I could find. Now, you already probably have a pair of favorite sunglasses and getting a pair made exclusively for Robb Vices subscribers can be either a pro or a con for you. But, these sunglasses actually exceeded all expectations. They are high-quality, nice looking and comfortable to wear. Plus, they are the perfect pair to wear for all your outdoor summer activities.

A Final Note on the Best Items Received from Robb Vices

These are only my personal favorites. Many items that come in a Robb Vices box can be quite polarizing depending on if you have an interest in the items that were shipped that month. Or if you have a need or use for them. Or if you feel that the value of the box was low that month.

The items on this list have are just things I have found surprisingly useful or surprisingly delicious, fun or just have grown to really love.

Do you subscribe to Robb Vices? Or another luxury subscription box? What has your favorite item been so far?

Whatever your vice is, own it.

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Elyse is a Road Twenty author focused on writing about New York City, local and international travel guides & food and cocktail recipes as well as other lifestyle topics. She is based in New York City and has a love for cheesy Christmas movies, tacos and the sunshine.
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