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Best Fireplace Bars in Manhattan for a Cozy Night

Look no further to find the best fireplace bars in Manhattan for a cozy night in the city!

Happy December! How are you feeling about Christmas, Hanukah and New Year’s being upon us? How do you feel about 2018 wrapping up?

It seems that many people feel that 2018 has been so much better than 2017. The year seems to fly by. It gets faster and faster as I get older.

The best part about colder weather is the start of using fireplaces! Personally, I think fireplaces are great year-round but the heat that they can put off is not always ideal.

A roaring fireplace makes a place much more cozy, homey and adds so much ambiance. I think they are so special in New York City since wood-burning fireplaces are no longer allowed to be built or added into a structure. The only way you will find a wood-burning fireplace in the city is if it has been built many years ago and the chimney has not been sealed.

One of my favorite memories of my last apartment is lighting a fire on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee in hand. And the real crackle of a wood-burning fireplace is ten times better than the Netflix one.

Best Fireplace Bars in Manhattan

Art Bar

52 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10014

Art Bar is a neat bar located on 8th Avenue that’s back room is always filled with art. It is in this back room, all the way through the bar and past the bathrooms that their fireplace is located. Cozy up on one of their couches in the back room to admire the hearth and the art that decorated their walls.

Art Bar is also one of the cheapest bars in this neighborhood. If you want a seat, come early. Their happy hour has insane prices but even not on happy hour it is one of the cheapest bars. A glass of wine is cheap, beer is cheap, their nachos are cheap.

The Drunken Horse

225 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10011

The Drunken Horse is one of the neatest and coolest bars in Chelsea. If you find yourself this far west, you should definitely check it out.

It is mostly a wine bar with small plates. They have a massive wine list and special wines each day.

Order a glass of wine (or two!), some tapas and cozy up in front of their lovely fireplace.

The Marlton Hotel Lobby Bar

5 W 8th Street, New York, NY 10011

This is one of the best-kept secrets in New York City when it comes to fireplace bars in Manhattan. Even though it does tend to always be crowded, especially during the holiday time.

Tucked away off 5th Avenue is the Marlton Hotel and if you enter their lobby you are greeted with a roaring fireplace, detailed ceilings, wooden beams and if you go during Christmas, plenty of Christmas decorations. Come here after strolling around Washington Square Park or viewing the tree underneath the arch.

best fireplace bars in manhattan

They have a large cocktail menu full of creative and unique drinks including a couple of hot cocktails to warm you from the inside out.

You can also go there in the morning for a cup of coffee to enjoy the fireplace in another way.

The Garret West

296 Bleeker Street, New York, NY 10014

I think this was one of the very first fireplace bars I ever went to after moving to New York City. And it is quite memorable because of it’s incredibly unique entrance.

The Garret is a cocktail bar situated on top of a Five Guys restaurant. To access the bar, you must enter Five Guys, walk to the very back where you are almost in the kitchen and greeted by a bouncer who will check your ID and then let you proceed upstairs.

Once you climb the stairs, you are transported somewhere completely different than the white-walled Five Guys you were just in. You are greeted to a brick-walled, hip cocktail bar with a fireplace near the windows that overlooks the street.

Given it’s unique entrance and focus on fancy cocktails, it feels like a true speakeasy within the city.

A Last Note on the Best Fireplace Bars in Manhattan

While there are many more fireplace bars in Manhattan, these are just a few of my favorites. An honorable mention though would be the fireplace in the Main Bar Room at Tavern on the Green. I noticed it when I was there this summer and have also included it in on my NYC Ultimate Holiday Bucket List.

When I was there, I remember being astounded by the size, intricacies, details and beauty of this fireplace which makes sense because of the historic nature of Tavern on the Green. It wasn’t on because it was summer so I didn’t want to include it on this list but I am planning to go this winter and I hope it lives up to all the other great fireplace bars around the city.


What do you think are the best fireplace bars in Manhattan? Where is your favorite located?


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Elyse is a Road Twenty author focused on writing about New York City, local and international travel guides & food and cocktail recipes as well as other lifestyle topics. She is based in New York City and has a love for cheesy Christmas movies, tacos and the sunshine.

Elyse is a Road Twenty author focused on writing about New York City, local and international travel guides & food and cocktail recipes as well as other lifestyle topics. She is based in New York City and has a love for cheesy Christmas movies, tacos and the sunshine.

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