halloween inspired cocktail recipes

5 Halloween Inspired Cocktail Recipes

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halloween inspired cocktail recipes

Halloween is right around the corner and this year it falls on Wednesday. Since that’s a week night, many people are choosing to start celebrating early this weekend.

Have you ever wondered what cocktail to serve at a Halloween party?

You’ll want something festive, something pretty and something that is not too difficult to make or full of hard to find ingredients. Basically, you want to make something BOOzy and fantastic. 

You’ve got your perfect costume, plenty of spooky and spectacular decorations and even some themed Halloween treats. But do you know what kind of drinks you’re going to serve at your Halloween party?

It’s the start of pumpkin carving, spider webs, ghosts, vampires. If you’re hosting a party this weekend for Halloween, your guests will probably expect a cocktail or at least a festive drink to get in the spirit of Halloween.

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Some people love the scary part of Halloween: haunted houses, blood-curdling screams, guts and gore. While others might like the more tame parts: cute costumes, trick-or-treating, the coziness of fall flavors and spices like apple and pumpkin.

With Halloween parties in full swing this weekend, I thought I would share some Halloween Inspired Cocktail Recipes to get you in the mood for Halloween from the classic to the gory to the always beloved pumpkin spice variety.

5 Halloween Inspired Cocktail Recipes

1. A deep hue of red makes this vodka, whiskey and lemon Witches Blood.

2. A smoking, blackberry sage margarita that you can make with dry ice or by smoking a sage leaf.

3. The classic tiki cocktail named The Zombie.

4. For the pumpkin lovers, a Pumpkin Spice Halloween Punch.

5. A Vampire Collins Cocktail with the option to add lemonade instead of gin for a kid-friendly drink.

Are you going to any Halloween Parties this weekend? What Halloween Inspired Cocktail Recipes will make or enjoy?

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