Cloud Forest
Asia, Travel

Cloud Forest in Singapore

Visiting the Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Singapore is a great place to go for a vacation. It’s clean, easy to navigate, has great transportation options and is perpetually in summer weather. Singapore is also known to be very expensive, especially for Southeast Asia. But, there are still plenty of things to do and visit in…

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New York City Fall Bucket List
New York

New York City Fall Bucket List

With summer coming to a close and autumn officially starting, I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce the New York City Fall Bucket List. While I didn’t get to everything on my summer bucket list, I feel like I have a lot more fervor in trying to accomplish everything on this list. Fall brings new fashion, new…

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The Heart of the Home

The Heart of the Home: The Kitchen

What does a kitchen mean to you? The centerpiece of the home. The focal point of the home.  The heart of the home. Some people would say that the kitchen is the most important room in he house. It is the kitchen that turns the house into a home. I’ve been thinking a lot about kitchens lately. Mostly because I’ve…

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Classic Kitchen Techniques that you should know
Food, Home

Classic Kitchen Techniques You Should Know

Once you start cooking a lot, you will start to want to learn how to be more efficient, and effective in the kitchen. There’s a reason why there is so much emphasis placed on a good foundation of skills in culinary school. Even if you are just a home cook there are plenty of classic kitchen techniques you should know.…

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Craziest Instant Pot Recipes

17 Craziest Instant Pot Recipes To Try Today

I’m loving trying out new recipes in the Instant Pot. There is a reason why everyone raves about how great it is. It makes perfect soft-boiled eggs, amazing chicken and plenty of delicious pasta. But, I really want to try out some of the craziest Instant Pot recipes. Everyone knows that the Instant Pot can cook a hunk of meat…

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